We work on a range of innovative projects and programs


Today’s youths are the future leaders, and the future is now. Our work aims to improve outcomes for youth by providing them with technology and training needed to succeed in an evolving and highly competitive world

Mentorship/Mentee Program

Mentoring has been related to increased academic, social, and economic opportunities. This mentoring impact is expanding, and if it is capitalized on, it can assist in meeting a variety of national issues while also strengthening our communities and economy.

We provide mentors to young individuals who desire the presence of a responsible adult in their life through volunteer involvement. Career preparedness, professional personal branding, leadership skills, financial education, ethical self-promotion, critical-thinking abilities, problem-solving skills, verbal and written communication, and development of soft skills are some of the areas of concentration for mentoring.

Instructor (who is a Black man) showing young Black boy something on a tablet, in a computer lab.
I am because you are


Through partnership with Utiva, a leading technology education company that uses a unique approach to learning to help accelerate digital skills training for individual and business across Sub Saharan Africa. The IAMBECAUSEYOUARE Project-Nigeria provides Nigerian youths with 100% scholarships on selected Utiva Data and Digital Marketing Schools programs.

Technology Drive Program

Nobody can accomplish it all. However, everyone has the ability to make a difference. Our Technology Drive initiative assists in the provision of laptop computers and related accessories to students, the establishment/renovation of computer laboratories in schools situated in remote/rural regions, and the training of instructors.

Gender-diverse group of Black children wearing school uniforms, standing with newly donated computers and textbooks

Who We Work With

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