Google Career Certificate Scholarship Overview

What’s This?

Are you a person over 18 looking to gain new skills? Are you a professional hoping for a promotion? Are you someone who’s been looking for ways to break into tech, and remote work, but haven’t been able to figure out how? Good news!


TechXtramile has partnered with Google to provide access to Google Career Certificates through the Google Career Certificate Scholarship Program. The program offers flexible online training on for earning job-ready skills in high-growth, high-demand employment categories such as IT Support, Cybersecurity, Project Management, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing and E-commerce and UX Design.


No college degree or relevant experience is needed to do this. All courses are offered in easy-to-follow language, and additional resources provided for further understanding. Each certificate is designed so you engage with a series of videos, readings, hands-on activities, and quizzes—and, if completed successfully, you will build a portfolio from real world scenarios.


Courses are completely online, and self-paced.


What You’ll Get Out of This


  • New skills and recognized credentials in IT Support, Cybersecurity, Project Management, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing and E-commerce and UX Design.
  • Free access to course material created by Google Professionals
  • Access to job banks and employers partnered with Google (upon completion of all courses for your chosen certificate)
  • Credly verification and link of your new professional certificate (this can be added to LinkedIn and other professional sites or submitted at some schools for college credits)
  • Practical tips for updating your resume, interviewing, and job searching


There are no secret fees, or additional costs. All of the certificate is fully covered by the Google Career Certificate Scholarship. 


Universities like Northeastern University, Purdue University Global, and the University of North Texas provide college credit for the Google Career Certificates. 


How This Works


  • Fill out a scholarship application (found here), and be sure to include your email address.
  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Only one application is permitted per applicant. 
  • Accepted applicants will be sent an email letting you know you’ve been accepted if you’ve successfully met all eligibility requirements.
  • If accepted, you will be emailed instructions on how to access the platform, and we will follow up with any additional information, or next steps. 
  • We’ll be in contact throughout the certificate program, and available to answer questions.


What You Need To Do This


  • A Working Computer (Some assignments and quizzes cannot be completed without a computer)
  • Internet Access
  • Ability to work independently with English Language course content without assistance in another language
  • Proof of ID (to use Coursera and for certificate to be issued)




All applicants are welcome, but we will be prioritising applicants between the ages of 18-33, from underrepresented, vulnerable, or otherwise marginalised communities. 


What’s Available:

  1. IT Support Professional Certificate: IT Specialists troubleshoot problems so computers and networks run correctly. Read more if you like: solving problems, helping others.


2. Data Analytics Professional Certificate: Data Analysts collect, transform, and organize data in order to help make informed business decisions. Read more if you like: uncovering trends and patterns, visualizations.


3. UX Design Professional Certificate: UX designers make digital and physical products easier and more enjoyable to use. Read more if you like: understanding people, drawing, thinking creatively.


4. Project Management Professional Certificate: Project Managers ensure projects within an organization are managed and completed with maximum value. Read more if you like: solving problems, organization, working with people.


5.Digital Marketing and E-commerce Professional Certificate: The Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificate is designed to prepare learners for roles in digital marketing & e-commerce.


6. Cybersecurity Professional Certificate: The Google Cybersecurity Certificate prepares learners for a new career in the high-growth field of cybersecurity in under six months, no previous experience required.


At TechXtramile we’re passionate about providing free opportunities for people to gain access to new skills. We’re especially focused on providing young people who may not normally have access to these opportunities the chance to earn in-demand tech credentials that are globally recognised. 


This is one of many partnerships we’ll be offering. See the rest of the site for other opportunities (past and upcoming). 


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