Frequently Asked Questions

How does this scholarship work?

A total of 1000 applicants will be awarded a scholarship, then onboarded to the Coursera online learning platform. The 2024/2025 cohort begins March 2024.

Who can apply?

Anyone 18 years and older can apply, but we will be prioritizing applicants between
the ages of 18-33 from underrepresented, vulnerable, or otherwise marginalized
communities. No college degree or experience is needed.

Do scholarship recipients have to pay anything to participate?

No. Every course in each certificate is free. And there are no fees to receive your

When I sign-up, or log-in, I'm told I'm auditing a course, or that I need to pay to complete assignments and quizzes. Is something wrong?

When signing up, or logging in to Coursera, you will need to ensure that you’re on the TechXramile Coursera page in order to access the certificates we offer.

1. Please ensure that you sign-up, or log-in with the email address used in your application.

2. Ensure that you see the TechXtramile banner at the centre of the screen, and the Coursera | Google logos in the top left, before enrolling in any courses.

If you still encounter issues accessing your course, email us at 

What are the essential technical eligibility requirements?

A computer, internet access, and the ability to work in English without support in
another language.

What is the mode of delivery?

Certificate courses are completely online and self-paced.

What language will the courses be delivered in?


Why does the application mention Proof of ID?

Coursera’s verification process requires participants provide at least 1 form of ID,
just like any learning institution. Coursera has a name change process if at any
point you would like to change your name.

Why does the application collect all this info?

Your information is needed to make sure we’re prioritizing underrepresented

Where can I get more information on the available TechXtramile Google Career Certificates?

Who will communicate with participants and support them during the scholarship program?

TechXtramile will communicate with you every step of the way: from your
onboarding emails to responding to questions during courses. There will be a Slack
Channel available for accepted applicants.

I tried to apply, but the application form is closed. What should I do?

Visit the GSP Announcements page

GCCSP Announcements

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